Who ever said that the online casino can’t provide a little romance in your life is a liar. It seems that there is at least one couple out there that met at the online casino, and chances are there are several others. The online casino is just like any other site on the web, where you can interact and talk to people who enjoy the same activities you do, playing at the online casino! Considering this, it should not be surprising to hear that one online casino got married in Las Vegas.

You might remember the story about the couple who met while playing poker at one of the leading online casino sites on the web? Jackie Johnson and Gary Suffir have announced that they are planning to start a family. On March 7th, 2006, the two were married in the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, with famous Poker ambassador Mike Sexton as a witness. The romance that began over a disputed poker hand has blossomed into a strong relationship and soon, a loving marriage. Who said online casinos weren’t romantic?

Gary and Jackie’s friends and family are taking part in a special online casino tournament before the ceremony, while during the actual wedding a unique poker wedding cake and poker floral arrangements are planned. There was speculation that the online casinos poker theme would carry through to the bride and groom’s attire. But they have decided to take the traditional approach in that department. We wish them only the best of everything and lots of luck on their Honeymoon!

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